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We are a Philippines based International consultancy. GSD Spa and Wellness Development corporation: An Philippines based consultancy, GSD Advises Luxury Resorts and Hotels on Research Concept, Preliminary Project Planning, Schematic Design Phase, Tender Phase, Construction Phase, Completion / Handover Phase of your luxury destination spas, salons, barbers, gyms and wellness facilities. The companies that we work with are among the best resorts and hotels in the world. We believe in providing a total wellness solution for Resorts and Hotels



Market research report, Facilities, Concept Layouts, Positioning & Demand, Financial Forecasting, Bench Mark Competitors, Rates prices, Trends in the country, Business Plan, Income schedule on %, utilization occupancy and profitability, The profile of the spa and structure, Treatments, guests, business & marketing perspective.

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Individual philosophy development, Determine design direction< Concept, Materials and finishes, Visit site to ensure understanding, Coordination with project schedule reference to master plan, Submit schedule, Prepare facilities brief, Design schedule with key milestones per phase

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Project design, Primary Research of feasibility, Costing, Financial Model, Business Plan Of A-Z and full strategy, Return On Investment in Business Plan, Layout With Income Generating Floor Plan, Equipment, Staff, Marketing, Media, Analysis, Assessment, Retail, Training

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Data sheets, Zoning. Drawings. Technical and engineering, Design, location, technical rooms, Kilowatt requirements, Distances technical rooms & wet areas, Electric usages, Temperature requirements, Pool, Spa, Wet Area, Health Club, Salon, Plumbing, Lighting

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Why We are Different From Others

Adapting to the vision of the owner with successful tactical decisions. Firmly staying in a client’s budget. Recognizing the precise motives of guests for booking hotels and resorts. Specifically, for its facilities. We have the ability to welcome a client’s idea and not only paint the resulted picture, but to truly comprehend and develop each requirement in a quality approach. It is not the size of the project. We take in any small or large scale luxury business and help them achieve their goal, whilst staying cost effective. We improve many business uniquely and reach vast international locations.

Published Articles

Mistakes To Avoid

Costly Mistakes To Avoid, Sign Up For Free Guide Of 15 Costly Mistakes To Avoid When Opening Your Business Mistake Number 1: Built It And They Will Come, Mistake Number 2: Carbon Copy Concept, Mistake Number 3: I Can Do It By Myself, Mistake Number 4: Secret Ingredient, Mistake Number 5: It Might Be A Good Location[…]

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Why Hire a Consultant

The task of opening a big spa, salon or fitness center is large indeed! Thus why not hire consultant? There are hundreds of tasks to finalize, all in an organized approach. Therefore, it is needed to take your vision from a thought of a consultant to achieve an operating, profitable business endeavor. If you have not maneuvered within the […]

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Create your Dream Facility Business

Your Dream Business: Select from the form and hear back from us within 24 hours, guarantee. Is your business - New? Existing? an Idea Only? Day Spa? Resort Spa? Medical Spa? Hair Salon? Nail Salon ? Beauty Salon? Wellness Center? Skin Specialty Center? Fitness or Gym Center? we can help you, sign the quick user friendly form with your Email, Website & Detailsl […]

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Bio cosmetics versus Classical Cosmetics

Biocosmetics versus Classical Cosmetics Have you ever really looked at your skin products? Do you find that they are up to the standards and been FDA approved and tested for chemicals unsuitable to your skin type? Now is the time to really[…]

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Wellness Consulting

We are a spa and wellness consultancy. We work with Luxury Hotel & Resorts internationally to provide services for those looking to set up a spa, salon or fitness center. Market research, research, and concept development, Conceptualization, Layout Design, financial feasibility, business development, Schematic design, ID, Tender, Build and Management Operations. We also work with existing properties that need to be rebooted and re-launched; we fix internal issues and boost operations and sales. Hotels we work with are the best hotels and spaces in the world. Deserts, to tropical views, mountains, even snowy luxury escapes. For spas, salons, barber salons, spa cafe, beauty spaces, wellness and health club gyms.

Wellness Hospitality Design

We create value and meaning through financial revenue business and incredible emotional design. We advocate hotels to recognize wellness’s importance; due to the rise of mental and emotional diseases.It is important to know wellness influences design, movement and guests’ services within hotels. Consider if your future or current property is stepping up and contributing to human purpose, or is missing the greatest opportunity. Many hotels must incorporate more locally made materials; from bedrooms, chairs and tables to the lighting fixtures and ceiling treatments. Creating customized itineraries based on a visitor’s curiosities is essential to promote unforgettable 'personalized' wellness activities. Integration of more tech-driven guest experiences, Instagram worthy and green spaces.

Historic Culture

We immerse ourselves more deeply into the ancient healing waters of Spa in search of the true spring source, mankind then discovered a steady flow of spa cultures and their people, places and periods that reach back decades, centuries and millennia. Salus Per Aqua: For a spa, salon, health club it’s the facilities. Cleansing and purifying: through; showers, swimming; and internally, through drinking. As for design, it emphasizes the location and the mindset of the guest; the interrelationship between the fitness experience and the surroundings. Spa Cuisine with super food, F&B of hotel, ingredients in spa menu. A Café; Teas, fruit infused water, pea protein shakes, sea salt, grass shots, anti-oxidants add to the ever evolving culture. Through physical activity, connectivity is one of the most profitable services in the spa or health club.

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