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The companies that we work with are among the best resorts and hotels in the world. We believe in providing a total wellness solution for hotels, residential properties, commercial properties, we have fluency with the most innovative design and products available worldwide for your new establishment. Global Spa Development advises on market research, pre-opening, development, operations, recruitment and management of your luxury destination spas, salons, barbers, gyms and wellness facilities. We focus on the Philippines and South East Asia, though we work worldwide per project basis..



Conceptualization till successful operation. 3D Designs and innovation brings your luxurious creation to life.

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Understanding the details and analysis of each department, we provide result orientated solutions.

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In partnership with a World Leading Italian facilities co; we provide complete furniture, accessories , Jacuzzi & pools.

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We have a variety of positions, for an array of clientele seeking highly qualified individuals, leave your Resume in our talent bank.

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Why We are Different From Others

We have the ability to welcome a client’s idea and not only paint the resulted picture, but to truly comprehend and develop each requirement in a quality approach. It is not the size of the project. We take in any small or large scale luxury business and help them achieve their goal, whilst staying cost effective. We improve many business uniquely and reach vast international locations.

Published Articles

Bio cosmetics versus Classical Cosmetics

Biocosmetics versus Classical Cosmetics Have you ever really looked at your skin products? Do you find that they are up to the standards and been FDA approved and tested for chemicals unsuitable to your skin type? Now is the time to really[…]

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10 Years of Spa Trends

10 Years of SPA TRENDS “The expansion of emphasis will indeed be placed on the execution of standards. The delivery of the entire spa experience is more important then the invention of a series of new treatments that will evolve yearly. As you may know may be check […]

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Spa Management & Achieving Potential Sales

Spa Management & Achieving Potential Sales 1. Creation of new treatments – low marginal costs: Cultivating new treatments, could contribute to the style & culture of the hotel. “The Jet Lag Buster” The body care & beverage products will […]

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The Spa Industry – Egypt

The current status of the spa industry in Egypt & how has it affected the spa industry and tourism. With the former revolutions and the reflection of Egypt Air in recent past, decreased flights and tarnished reputation of businesses have accustomed to a quieter daily […]

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Wellness Consulting

We are a spa and wellness consultancy. We work with Luxury Hotel & Resorts internationally to provide services for those looking to set up a spa, salon or fitness center. Conceptualization, Layout Design, market research, financial feasibility, business development, detailed design, ID, business development, oversee build and management operations. We also work with existing properties that need to be rebooted and re-launched; we fix internal issues and boost operations and sales. Hotels we have worked with are known as the best hotels and spaces in the world. Deserts, to tropical, even snowy luxury escapes. For spas, salons, barber salons, spa cafe with F&B, beauty spaces, wellness and health club and fitness.

Wellness Development

We create value and meaning through financial revenue business and incredible emotional design. We advocate hotels to recognize wellness’s importance; due to the rise of mental and emotional diseases.It is important to know wellness influences design, movement and guests’ services within hotels. Consider if your future or current property is stepping up and contributing to human purpose, or is missing the greatest opportunity.

Historic Culture

We immerse ourselves more deeply into the ancient healing waters of Spa in search of the true spring source, mankind then discovered a steady flow of spa cultures and their people, places and periods that reach back decades, centuries and millennia. Salus Per Aqua: For a spa, salon, health club it’s the facilities. Cleansing and purifying: through; showers, swimming; and internally, through drinking. As for design, it emphasizes the location and the mindset of the guest; the interrelationship between the fitness experience and the surroundings. Spa Cuisine with super food, F&B of hotel, ingredients in spa menu. A Café; Teas, fruit infused water, pea protein shakes, sea salt, grass shots, anti-oxidants add to the ever evolving culture. Through physical activity, connectivity is one of the most profitable services in the spa or health club.

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