10 Years of Spa Trends

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June 14, 2019
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June 14, 2019

10 Years of Spa Trends

10 Years of Spa Trends

  • The expansion of emphasis will indeed be placed on the execution of standards.
  • The delivery of the entire spa experience is more important then the invention of a series of new treatments that will evolve yearly.
  • As you may know many spas are providing self discovery services such as learning activities to aid clients to recharge the mind body and spirit.
  • The trend that is upcoming is towards the Gen X (born 1965-1980) & Gen Y (born 1981-1995) represents a complete shift from that comprised primarily of the Baby Boom generation. This will come into shape as the year starts.

What is the spa direction in the world currently?

Through travels through Europe and endless passion for seeking the most unique spa experiences and treatments would be define the most noticeable spa direction accessible. Three of the most noticeable spas that show direction from experience at their locations.

Firstly: La source de Caudalie in Bordeaux, France. The vinotherapie spa was noticeably different due to their exotic location, overlooking endless fields of home grown grapes, and fields and chateaus of wine celeries. The refined atmosphere of the treatment rooms, the blend of noble materials uniting wood and stone, and the building, reminiscent of an old tobacco kiln all designed to harmonize perfectly with the great landscape of the vineyards and give the relaxation lounges a distinctive style. Unique treatments such as natural hot spring water drawn from meters beneath the earth that is rich in minerals with the most recent scientific discoveries of the benefits of the grape and the grapevines. The treatments at Les Sources de Caudalie enjoy daily use of wine barrel baths, red vine baths, or a grape bath and a Vinexpert facial, Honey & Wine wraps, Merlot Wine Wrap, and Crushed Cabernet Scrub. The direction and forward thinking with use of ancient healing not only brings in profitability but healing through powerful sources of home grown plants.

Secondly: Thermes Marins, in Hotel Hermitage, located in Monte Carlo, Monaco. It obtains four exceptional floors divided into the lobby, reception, hair salon, doctor, dietitians, the second level being physiotherapy and oriental massages, manual therapies, going into the third floor access to the saunas, hammam, solarium, sea water pool that’s heated to 29* C, a bar, restaurants, changing rooms, fitness rooms, boutiques, and lastly a marine therapy level specific to seaweed and mud wraps, underwater showers, rehabilitation, jet showers, massages with affusion and marine baths. What was most noticeable is the direction of medical health care, the numerous checks that are done through nutritional, bio energy, morpho-esthetic checkups and use of sea water to heal the body, health care is vital to the brand and its guests.

Thirdly: Six Senses spa Hotel Arts in Barcelona, Spain. The direction they have is specified through the use of chromotherapy providing a sense of color, the spa boasts state of the art treatment zones, whilst the spas atmosphere embodies the spirit of urban elegance with Six Senses Asian values and the Mediterranean spirit that is indicative of Barcelona, there found was all treatments that were specifically Asian, Indian head treatments, Thai facials and body treatments, pre and post natal treatments, use of hamann and swan neck features in their pool sides. To note their large scale steam rooms, and use of the large balcony overlooking the city whilst providing home grown plants and extracts used in their teas. Overall rejuvenation to revive the body and spirit leaving the guest with the full experience that is the brand itself.

With the three examples above of spas that strive for excellence, the visible trends cater to each individual brand, excelling in beauty, skillful treatments, overall health and achievement of soothing the mind body and spirit of their guests, compiling innovative treatments and use of strategic features to give a full experience of a full fledged 5* spa.

What is the spa direction in Singapore currently?

The current spa direction in Singapore is divided into three categories, the leaders holding the internationally acclaimed spas at the 5* hotels for example ESPA at Resorts World Sentosa, Spa Botanica at the Sentosa Resort, Banyan Tree Spa Marina Bay Sands, and Damai Spa at Grand Hyatt. The second category would be defined as standalone spas that focus only on local Asian residents; they lack being internationally recognized versus gaining profitability merely through their brand and marketing promotions though sales in their many outlets. In the clearest of notions majority of these spas focus on the hard selling tactics that tend to pressure guests into signing up for treatments not necessarily desired. The third category would be the spas that currently have a small based range of treatments, for example Ayurvedic spas catered to the Indians nationals based in Asia. Another would be the TCM focused spa and healing centers focused to the Singaporean Chinese having a goal to reach out to their specific in house treatments.

The core reason for the success of international hotels based in Asia, is due to their innovative ideas on understanding the DNA of their company brand, consciously using the latest trends in the industry being used globally; trends such as Spa Trend: Native American-Inspired Spa Treatments, Spa Upgrades, Galvanic Current Treatments, Kid Spa Treatments, The Ice healing, Making use of spall spaces, space saving, Less Technology Diamond Dust, Argan Oil etc. although it is accurate that majority of the spas in Singapore do not have these movements available but they have recognized the fastest way to implement the trends through product innovation. These are through the use of key extracts, elements and sales through treatment packages that obtain partial trends.

What is gravely absent is the sense of understanding the overall significance of the spa experience In Singapore.

“Salus Per Aquam” means “health through water” this does not necessarily mean healing just through the power of water but the power of the senses being heightened. The direction that the spas need to utilize isn’t necessarily available in Singapore. What is vital is the remembrance of the special touches that are available outside of the treatment room, such as the personal touch of speaking to the clients, understanding their needs, customizing a special treatment, a special blends of beverages, letting clients feel that they can take their time in the space at the relaxation rooms versus being rushed out for the next appointment. The most vital part of a spa is the overall experience from the moment of contact through, website, phone or a visit.

Singapore has indeed started to implement new technology through treatments and furniture. Using the spa in unique space saving methods, creating experiences from entrance to exit; though the use of these trends. For example sauna, steam rooms and hammam baths, hydrotherapy baths, and Vichy showers, pop up spas, all with use of either ergonomic or modern day LED lights creating a sensual atmosphere, through sound, emotional showers, scents of relaxing aromas, all of which heighten an ordinary activity to an exceptional experience.

Most of the spas that are stand alone spas in Singapore are sales centric, forcing a hard-sales tactics to cover costs and boost revenue and profitability, resulting in the loss of the full experience that the hotel spas obtain.

In the next 10 years, where do you see the spa industry in Singapore?

In the next 10 years, we believe the spa industry will be considered one of the key spa destinations in the world. The most noticeable assets spas across the world obtain that Singapore doesn’t are the use of full fledged facilities, use of grand treatments, making each room and space have important purposes. The vast improvement of treatments that cater to men specifically, more use of organic products and health benefits. Guests will see many more medical spas opening up offering treatments that cater to the everlasting search for youth. There is potential for true reinvention, the word spa has become diluted. In the purest sense of the definition, the vast majority of spas haven’t acquired a relationship to pure water and its healing properties.

There will be implementation of health focused treatments, due to the fact the world is in the unfortunate state of ignoring current environmental issues and lack of recycling. Plus possibilities of more forms of products and treatments those are useful to heal the body, and environmentally healthy. We believe the technology for medical spas, will adapt to holistic spas in innovative treatments to give solutions to the everyday man and woman who seek the cure of ant-aging solutions, who seek the peace and relaxation from the bustling cities, to new forms of creative healing though special products whether from the sea, earth, color aids or new forms of fusion treatments to cater to each client.

In the next 10 years, where do you see the spa industry in the world?

The fastest growing segment of hospitality and leisure industry is the spa industry. Ten years ago, beauty was skin deep and television advertisements didn’t show the side effects of the medicine and the toxic forms such as parabens used in products, it was not widely accepted that stress can affect your health. Now the methods are endless on how to relieve stress, use of fitness, yoga, meditation, treatments to cater to men and women’s daily work life, work day stress buster treatments. Just ten years ago, spas were only meant to be for pampering services only. Today, people visit spas to heal. People search for organic, and trend spas that offer unprocessed products and treatments for services. Ten years ago, barely any men visited spas. Today men who want to improve their sports health visit a spa. Overall it is a 70-30 and growing.

With this advertising and marketing techniques have contributed a lot, as well as membership programs. The bright idea is that Spas are trying to make their clients more involved, through strategically sourcing out key demographics. With the help of Facebook being connected with clients will continue to be a part of the future. Making referrals and gift certificates, games and winning treatments make it more available for the everyday man and woman to gain interest. It is only a matter of time that spas across world reach the standards of the advanced European spas.


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