‘GSD’ : Global Spa Development – GSD Spa and Wellness Development Corporation: An International Consultation Corporation
We work with Luxury Hotel & Resorts internationally consulting in the creation of facilities; spa, salon or fitness center. Providing all phases of development with income generating concepts. From initial stages; research and concept design development, facilities concept, preliminary design planning, schematic design, tendering phase and construction till handover
We also work with existing properties that need to be fixed and re-established.  
  • We are the A-Z solution for your business
  • Research and Concept design development
  • Facilities concept
  • Preliminary Design Planning
  • Schematic Design
  • Tendering
  • Construction
  • Completion and Handover
    • Through our expertise; guests will book your hotel specifically for the Spa & Gym
    • We bond your hotel to its facilities with a strong presence and luxury services
    • Even if your business is in deficit, we will originate sales
    • We reboot and improve your entire business model
    • Existing businesses will see profitable boost of sales within the first month 

Award Winning International Luxury Spa Consultant
President & Founder of GSD Spa and Wellness Development Corporation ‘Global Spa Development’
About Our Founder: She is a famed international professional. Tanya Talreja’s, years of service; has created international multi award-winning luxury spa and wellness facilities. She also has directed the vast operation of multiple destination facilities simultaneously. She immerses within new hotels, adapting swiftly to each brands values, proud history and prospering culture. Tanya has worked with hotel and resorts that are of the most luxurious in the world. Through consulting and directorship: In directorship: Carlton Hotel, Westin Golf Resort & Spa, Kempinski Hotel, Sheraton Resort, Robinson Club, Breakers Hotel many more. In consultancy: Russian Studio, Donatela Hotel Philippines, and notably One of GSDs Key Clients is by PH Resorts: The Emerald Bay Resort and Casino. A USD $650-Million-dollar resort casino project. Working in cooperation with Philippines Architects: Tenman and the well-known American Architect Paul Steelman on the spa and wellness phases of the project. More projects will be added to this page soon, stay tuned. GSD adapts to the vision of the owner, with successful tactical decisions, to stay in a client’s budget. Recognizing the precise motives of guests booking hotels or resorts for its facilities.
She provides services for clients seeking to initiate or develop existing luxury facilities: all types of spas, salons, barbers, cafes, wet areas, pools, cabanas, fitness gyms and luxury villas with spa suites. She provides all phases of development with income generating concepts. From initial stages; research and concept design development, facilities concept, preliminary design planning, schematic design, tendering phase and construction till handover.
In director roles she cultivates strategic feasibility plans from each facilities financial health, to achieve goals. Originating exclusive action plans, budgets, targets, bespoke annual sales strategy manuals through quantifiable results. Executing a rigorous auditing system, with the highest level of scrutiny. This experience guarantees impending achievements of multiple awards and strong revenue per year.
Recognized internationally in the Industry. She is frequently requested to appear on International Publications, TV & Media Features. Selected in 2020 as the Chairwoman for the Philippines Hospitality Summit, Selected in 2019 as the key choice for the ‘4th Philippines Hospitality Conference’’ as Moderator. In 2019, Awarded ‘Best Spa Consultancy in Asia’ by ‘LUX’ (UK)’, in 2018 she spoke at ‘ITB’ in Singapore as a Panelist. An honored speaker at ‘Beauty Wellness Manila’ in 2018 (Philippines). Listed since 2018 on ‘Global Wellness Institute of Consultants’ ‘(USA). A television appearance in 2017 ‘Business World’ on ‘GSD Spa and Wellness Development Corporation’ (Philippines). In 2017 she was included in ‘Spa Americas Magazine’ (USA). Other television appearances in the Philippines on ‘ABS-CBN’ and ‘ANC’. In 2016 appearing again in the magazine publication: ‘Spa Business Magazine’ (U.K), in 2016 and 2015. ‘World Luxury Spa Award’ Winner & Recipient (Switzerland). In 2015 ‘Spa Americas’ Digital Magazine. Appearing in the 2015 Magazine Publication for: ‘Marie Claire’ Magazine (MY) and years prior, appearing on television interviews for various countries on the business of spas..
Her intentions are to locate and work on upcoming projects as a consultancy, and as an offsite and onsite director of spa and wellness. All by innovating and implementing concepts to the advancement of the industry, to the rest of the world through creating destination spaces.




  • Winner of Best Spa Consultancy - Asia Pacific - 2020 - Lux UK
  • Winner of Best Spa Consultancy 2019 - Lux UK
  • Winner of Top CEO Management Consultancy 2019 UK
  • Winner of World Luxury Spa Awards 2016 Switzerland
  • Finalist on World Professional Spa Awards 2016 London
  • Annually participating in international global spa and wellness platforms
  • Featured in Spa Business, Spa Leisure & Opportunities Publications
  • American Spa Magazines
  • Spa Consultancy Magazines
  • Sports Leisure Magazine
  • Spa Americas Media Magazine
  • Magnificent Magazine
  • Marie Claire Magazine
  • Abode Magazine


  • RDE Industry Blog
  • UK Travel TV Interview 2016
  • Israel TV Interview 2016
  • Member of Editorial Team – Journal of Surgical Dermatology
  • Global Wellness Institute of Consultants 2017
  • ANC TV interview 2017
  • Gracious Living 2017
  • Business World on GSD  2017
  • BIZ News Asia 2018
  • Beauty Wellness Manila 2018
  • ITB Asia 2018
  • 2019 Awarded ‘Best Spa Consultancy in Asia’ by ‘LUX’ (UK)
  • 2019 Speaker at 4th Hospitality Philippines Conference HPC Escom
  • 2020 Chair Woman 3rd Philippines Hospitality Mykar
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Our Team

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An International Marketing Consultant focusing in Southeast Asia and International Countries. Experience in development, sales and implementation of the brand strategy, overseeing new businesses and existing efforts. Overseeing campaigns, events, digital marketing, and PR and data collection



A expert computer engineer, 3D visualizer, VR walk through, animations, web designing, desktop publication, video composition & editing and virtual reality exposure therapy systems. He has successfully completed many national and international projects for GSD and continues to break boundaries with visualizing our designs in the most realistic formats for our clients.



Architect and designer with years of experience in CAD and interior/exterior design. Specializing predominantly in the development of new projects and highly skilled in system design and development. Passionate about architecture and design and providing the best for GSD’s international clients.



Overseas experience of 25+ years in Engineering, Consulting & Construction business in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & Malaysia Keen on detail, budget which helps our clients greatly, risk & time constraints, specification writer, QA/QC & project management. Knowledgeable in interior fit- out construction for commercial, hotel, health care & residential projects, Luxury Spas and Gyms.

Ali Ahmed


Over 5 Year experience in Web Development and Designing. Developed POS(Point of Sale) For international company and websites. Experience in Python, PHP, WordPress, Mysql. Working with GSD as IT Director in the field of POS and website consultant.