A bespoke concept suitable to the guest and local area, we provide a comprehensive concept and only using the client’s label brand. GSD is the expert source behind the brand, Inclusive of the look, feel, style the market research comprehensive report is utilized and we prepare a viable and financially sound concept like no other. 

The concept and design is the individual philosophy from which everything else flows and develops. It is a synergy between the location, culture, and people that guides and defines each further stage in the developmental process of the facilities and products. It is at this stage that an original philosophy is conceived  that will remain unique to the Hotel and Resort.

  • We collaborate with the Owner and project team to produce a spa concept that is mutually acceptable to all parties and fulfills the objective of Owner and Operator.
  • This philosophy will be at the “leading edge” of the rapidly evolving Spa & Fitness industry, drawing on our team’s knowledge of the global Spa and Wellness market and experience in managing facilities to keep abreast of the latest trends.
  • Prepare a Spa Facilities & Services Brief: Programming and Concept Development (Spa Layout).
  • Provide the final Spa Concept, Clinic Concept and Health Club Concept.
  • Prepare a “walk-through narrative” shall be included in this document to outline guest and staff flow.