•  We see behind closed doors. Learn what your guests won’t tell you.

•  Avoid negative reviews, comments, word of mouth, measure accurate progress and achieve success.

•  Tell us about your vision, and we will refer a shopper to gather all points in valuable information.

•  We customize our visit to try minimum of 2-4 treatments + Services. To assure we test each category of service.

• We start from the moment of entry and observe the narrative of the entire guest journey.

•  Keeping a 100% objective opinion that would be reported, to compare all international day or luxury spas, salons or gyms to be competitive.

•  This would be a unique first-hand look at the spa experience from the guest perspective from a professional evaluator.

•  We provide concrete examples, to take note what upgrades and educational training should be executed for your staff of all departments including sales efforts in and out of the room, counter, ingredient knowledge, and upselling. We provide Improved compliance with treatment protocol and SOPs.

• We  evaluate all services, treatments, advertising, online, marketing. We in turn provide a full A-Z evaluation of the business.