Feasibility & Research

Feasibility & Analysis includes, market and demographic research, competitive analysis, space program, a complete financial model, business plan.

Concept & Brand Development

A bespoke concept suitable for the guest and local area, we provide a comprehensive concept and white label brand. 

Design Consulting

We prepare a unique income generating layouts, consisting of revenue per square foot. The designs have strategic specifications.

Schematic Design

We assist in the development of the design direction and concept in coordination with all parties involved. 


We prepare the wet, dry, equipment, machines specifications for the tender.

Construction Overview

Provide advice at key stages to ensure this phase runs smoothly, architectural, landscape, and electrical construction drawings to ensure compatibility.


Providing all comprehensive reports. Plus the testing and commissioning of all of the specialist equipment.


The GSD Audit Report is one of the most comprehensive specific auditing systems available today. Our system allows us to assess every aspect of the operation: salon, wellness and gym and provide a comprehensive report, to significantly improve your space, prepare for award reviewers, or to make ren .


With an opening there are crucial steps to take, starting with a timeline, training planning, retail preparations, menu finalization, program development, marketing, advertising, media, online and system, POST, SOPS, procedures and hygiene considerations and maintenance, and overall management. 


  • Facility Sales Training
  • Aesthetic Science
  • Guest Relations
  • Telephone Etiquette