• Ingredient: Sunflower Seed Oil, Vitamin E
  • Model Number: ZH1
  • Brand Name: Body & Earth
  • Item Type: Set

Package List of the Rose Set:

7.9oz shower gel

7.9oz bubble bath

3.5oz bath salt

3.4oz body lotion

3.6oz body butter

2 Bath Bombs

Cute Bath Tub

Bath Puff


Package List of the Cherry Blossom Set:


160ml bubble bath

160ml shower gel

60g shampoo bar*1

100ml body lotion

60ml bath salt

Rose Soap Petal*4

100g soap

Tub Holder


Package List of the Lavender 1 Set:


160ml bubble bath

100ml body lotion

160ml shower gel

100g soap

60g bath salt

shaped flower sponge


Package List of the Lavender 2 Set:


5.1oz Shower Gel

5.1oz Bubble Bath

3.4oz Body Lotion

3.5oz Bath Soap

1.8oz Scented Candle

7oz Bath Salt

Tub Holder


Package List of the Lavender 3 Set:


7.9oz(235ml) shower gel enriched with shea butter

7.9oz(235ml) bubble bath enriched with shea butter

3.6oz(105ml) body butter enriched with shea butter

3.4oz(100ml) body lotion enriched with shea butter

2*1oz(30g) bath bombs

3.5oz(100g) bath salt

1* Tub puff

1* Silver Tub


Package List of the Ocean Set:


5.1.fl.oz/ 150ml Shower Gel

3.4.fl.oz/ 100ml Bubble Bath

3.4.fl.oz/ 100ml Body Lotion

200g Bath Salts

50g Scented Candle

100g bar soap

Plastic Tub


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