GSD Spa and Wellness Development Corporation

GSD ‘Global Spa Development’ specializes in consulting and management for spas, salon, and wellness facilities. We establish client’s Luxury Resorts and Hotels through exceptional facilities.


Launched in 2016 in the Philippines.
We wanted to lead by example and set the benchmark for unique facilities world-wide.


The practice of taking the waters or bathing for a combination of health and leisure purposes is undoubtedly not restricted to Europe but extends globally. Asian traditions of communal bathing in mineral springs and spas are also historic and ongoing. In China, India, Korea and Japan in particular, there is a long history of bathing for relaxation and cleanliness. Including day spas, retreat spas, hot spring spas, mineral springs spas, hotel spas, wellness spas, holistic spas and seaside spas, urban, jungle and many more..